"Clients are seeking faster care and willing to pay cash to address their pain and eliminate pain medication!

Making the medical process simple so that we can just focus on the medicine!"

How great would it be to receive care within a few days after an injury and be on the road to recovery?  Are you frustrated in waiting to get in with your physician only to be prescribed medication and then being referred to a specialist?  Tests are ordered, downtime waiting for results, and over 4 weeks have passed before anything is done to start recovery.  You’re still not back in the game whether it be running, cycling, golf, or just the game of life.  

At Momentum Physical Therapy and Wellness, clients are able to seek treatment directly from us without the need of a physician's prescription.  This means less down time, faster access to appropriate care, and reduced costs.  We are also practitioners who can deferentially diagnose conditions that may require other healthcare specialists.

Imagine not having to hassle with confusing insurance.  What are my benefits? What are my deductibles and co-pays?  How many visits do I have left?

We are a cash-based physical therapy practice and you pay a flat rate for the time regardless of what services are provided.  We do not bill insurance companies since we have no relationships with them. Therefore, we are categorized as an out-of-network provider.  There are NO limitation or influence by a third-party entity dictating what services can be rendered or the number of visits allowed. 


Clients receive direct 1-on-1 attention for all sessions ensuring complete carry-over is maintained.  We use evidence-based research in ensuring that clients are receiving proven treatment techniques and modalities.

Are you tired of taking pain medications?  Why does your pain keep coming back?  Imagine what you would be doing if you weren’t having pain.

Momentum Physical Therapy are movement specialists who have expert knowledge in proper body mechanics and movement dysfunction.  We have a philosophy of wellness and quality of life by improving pain.  This leads to return of normal mechanics and function. Additionally, we emphasize movement medicine to address the root cause of the problem instead of masking the problem with pain pills/medications.  We address the root cause through individualized function-based treatment customized to meet our clients’ needs.


Why Momentum

    Not knowing what to expect after sustaining injuries and fractures is scary. When you're at the top of your game, Having a support system to get back is key! Every experienced and educated information with your best interest in mind.  Now back to racing!




     I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain but after my visit and the plethora of information shared about what i was experiencing along with exercises to help with healing i am feeling much better. Pain medicine was not effective but this practice was. Extremely educated and professional!


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