Summer Tips for a Cardio Blast

Dr Nguyen Vu Dinh PT, DPT 

"running on sand can reduce impact load by up to 4 times..."

Summer is the time for travel, sun and beach.  One of the most convenient forms of maintaining cardio fitness is running.  All you need are your running shoes and you’re set to go. No extra equipment to plan for or transport.  As you’re on vacation, time constraints or location may limit your ideal training program. However, this maybe the perfect opportunity to be efficient with your time and boost your cardio fitness.


The recommendations below are great to mix into your training and maximize the time.

1. HIIT- High Intense Interval Training
This is a type of training where you mix in short intervals that are intense, typically much harder than efforts that you can sustain for more than 2 mins. You are then raising your heart rate at high levels for short durations to then have a relatively high average heart rate burning more calories.

Benefits of HIIT:

  1. Improvements in Oxygen uptake/consumption

  2. Burn lots of calories in a short amount of time

  3. Increased Basal Metabolic Rate even after you finish exercises- still burning calories

  4. Improve your blood sugar which reduces risk of diabetes


Examples of HIIT for running are:
  1. 1 minute sprints with 1-2 mins joggings off sessions

  2. Alternating ¼ mile fast pace with ¼ mile jogging and repeating 4-6 times

  3. If there is a short hill where you are, sprint up in and jog back down and repeat


2. Running on the sand
Since it is summer and you’re likely already at the beach, take advantage of running in the sand.  WIth or without shoes, this terrain has many benefits, especially if you experience knee pain while running.


  1. The softer surface reduces impact load by up to 4 times that of asphalt.  This decreases your the amount of compression stress on your knees, hips, and back.

  2. Because there is more absorption of energy into the sand, you have to work harder to running at the same pace which can increases your cardio stress up to 50%.  Great way to increase cardio fitness if time is limited.

  3. Barefoot running in the sand will put your body in a more ideal alignment by improving mid to forefoot striking and another improvement for knee pain while running.

If you're a real stud and want to full maximize efficiency, you can do HIIT on the sand!


With either Cardio Blast tip above,  warming up and cooling down is very important. Additionally, remember to practice safe summer tips such as hydration.  You can find more of these tips in our previous blog: Summer Safety Tips.

So take advantage of the summer travels to get a great workout in instead of making excuses!  

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