Pre-Surgical Management

Unfortunately, surgical management for injuries may be warranted.  Research has shown that pre-surgical education and strengthening reduces anxiety and improves post-surgical outcomes.  At Momentum, we educate you on what to expect with your surgery including any precautions and special post-surgical considerations.  We develop a "pre-hab" or pre-rehabilitation program to get your body prepared for surgery. 

Post-Surgical Management

Whether you underwent an arthroscopic surgery, back surgery, total joint replacement, or a traumatic orthopedic reconstruction surgery, we can help you return to function and improve your quality of life.  We work with you to protect your surgery to ensure proper healing, while tailoring an individualized treatment program to improve strength and motion leading to restoration of function.

If you are looking to return back to sports after surgery, we have the knowledge to help you reach your goals.  Pre-maturely returning back to play can put you at risk for re-injury.  We use proven standards and guide you along the way to ensure your body is ready to get back in the game.

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