Neurological Rehabilitation

Unforeseen events may arise that completely changes one's livelihood.  Whether you are a stroke survivor, suffered an anoxic or traumatic brain injury, recently diagnosed with a demyelinating disorder such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) or Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or the movement disorder- Parkinson's Disease, quality care is usually required more than just a couple months.  Also, the best opportunity for rehabilitation is immediately after an event. 

With traditional therapy models, insurance benefits and visit limitations restrict clients from reaching their full potential.  At Momentum, insurance is not a barrier to access of care.  Our attention to your needs go beyond direct treatment and education to clients, but extends to caregivers and those involved in your daily life.  Your condition affects many people, and together with a team approach we also work to address the needs of your loved ones.  Let us help bring quality back into your life.

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