What is Movement Medicine ?

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I do not prescribe medications or pills.  Instead, I prescribe Movement Medicine.

Movement Medicine is utilizing functional movement and movement patterns to improve pain, strains, sprains, and other neuro-skeletal-muscular issues.  This addresses the root cause of pain to provide a significantly lasting improvements then medication.  Medication can be necessary to address the acute or immediate management of pain.  However, this approach only addresses a symptom.  If you are have been taking pain medication for more then 2 weeks, then you are likely stuck on a medication/pills cycle and your symptoms will likely become chronic equating to limited function and quality of life.

Like medications or pills, Movement Medicine has a specific dosing, frequency, duration, and intensity. Not just moving to move, but having a specific purpose because some movements can do more harm then good depending on the condition.  It's not 'practice makes perfect', it's 'Perfect practice makes perfect!'  Compliance with Movement Medicine will achieve the desired outcome to reach your goals.

    ...I feel better, my back/hip pain has gone from daily, sometimes intense pain to once a week or less and the severity is greatly reduced. If/when I do have a recurrence, I feel like I have the tools to “medicate” with the prescribed Movement Medicine.



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