Bicycle Fit Experience

At Momentum, our experience as movement specialists and background in bicycle racing allows us to share our knowledge to our clients for bicycle fitting.  Riding a bicycling should be enjoyable and being comfortable will translate to more time in the saddle and a better experience.

Whether you are a recreational rider looking to get out and enjoy the weather, a high level racer mashing out the watts and putting the hammer down, or anywhere in between, let our experts help you with your goals.  The optimal position is individualized and tailored to our clients' needs.  

Our philosophy is that there is a balance between aerodynamics and comfort.  There is no sense in being in the most aerodynamic position if you cannot sustain that position due to discomfort.  Additionally, poor position often leads to pain or injury.


We do not use elaborate bicycle fitting equipment as your fit is only as good as the person performing it.  The equipment is a tool, but is useless if the tool isn't used properly.  Or if you don't understand what the tool is telling you.  The tool shouldn't tell you if the position is right for you, your body should.  We get back to the essentials to guide us with how you feel.

Our fitting session starts off the bike with a body assessment, then working up the kinetic chain beginning with your shoes and cleat position.  Afterwards, you are on your bicycle on a trainer to analyze the body's response to change on a static platform.  This is where most bicycle fit sessions culminate.  However, we schedule a follow-up ride-a-long session.  Here, we can more accurately determine effects of change as you are in a dynamic environment. Often times, the body can have a different response off the trainer. 

Time off the bike is equally important as you will learn what limitation in your body are contributing to restrictions on the bike.  Whether it be strength, stability, postural, or mechanical dysfunction, you will learn how to address these needs to achieve your goals.

So, if you recently purchased a new bike, experience pain, discomfort, or numbness, or are feeling like you just cannot push the power/intensity that you should, let our experts analyze your bicycle position to 'keep you moving forward' efficiently and comfortably. 

Alicia Kaye- Professional Triathlete
Christ Lutz- Professional Triathlete
    At the end of the day, thanks to @momentumptwellness I walked away with a 33% increase in power, but also the proper tools necessary to help address my lack of hip stability and strength that ultimately will improve my overall bike fitness as well as my health and wellbeing.



    I came in for right knee pain when cycling.  I loved the ride along. That’s an extra step that most places don’t do. I found it helpful and was very pleased that it was more than a ten minute ‘progress check.’  They were able to accommodate both appointments around my work schedule, which was very helpful with my full-time job. Now that my bike has been properly fitted, I can ride without pain and get back to training!
-Michelle T.



Josh Castleman- Age Group Triathlete
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